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My Crispy First ☺

22. August.2017. I was forced to resign. I asked for a reason. I was denied. I took a stand to fight and run around even today in the labor court. My husband did not support me financially, ethically, morally, physically, and/or emotionally. I smiled and let him be. A few days back I was going out and my daughter demanded a shawarma roll. While returning I packed them for kids and packed a tawa roll for my husband because he does not like bland. I enjoyed a plate of bhel and a glass of sugarless musambi. At home, after eating, my husband commented "it's CRISPY and my FIRST time." I smiled and said it's tawa crispy brand. Yesterday, I wanted to go out and my husband asked what's your problem? And I thought over and replied, "My problem is that I like CRISPY roll and I have not had my FIRST." I came out for my crispy first, to view the neelkurunji at Coorg divine. ☺

Naa-real Smile :)

I am such a crazy girl (or should I call myself a lazy one who does not carry a purse) that at times I bump into unknown shops without a single penny in my pocket. Realizing that at the n-th moment, I go with a belief that I would be let to pay later. That belief mostly works. After all, business runs with some amount of risk. At times when e-pays through phone have dumped me, my humble request have come to the rescue.   After my cycle ride, I usually go to this place for my tender coconut ( naareal in hindi ) drink, and for that extra cream. The selling guy there is usually on rotations. They shuffle their locations for a change, or for their convenience or so, once in a few months. This time when I visited the place, there was this teen boy who sang super-express non-stop Tamil. With a bindaas attitude, I drank a tender coconut, malai maarke, then I realized, I hadn't carried my purse. With a ‘phone-hai-na’ attitude, I tried to e-pay. And it said, ‘the server is temporarily d

A letter to my teacher!

Teacher’s day celebration in the apartment yesterday. A girl I knew had to give a speech for 2 mins. A very bold girl that I knew, was in tears, just before her turn. She found comfort in her mom’s arms. Her elder wanted to replace her but her mother objected. I silently watched them.   This morning, as I was heading home after a walk, the kid’s mother bumped into me. She felt the need to update me about her daughter since I enquired about her after the function. She informed that the crowd scared her. She also urged to say that her elder was unprepared and her content would not have been up to the standards. I wondered if my teachers ever said so. Then I mentioned to her these days, even when people know that the content is useless, there are donkeys who watch and listen to it. That I did not like the discouraging act. Giving a try would not have harmed. Her silence approved of it.   I remembered my teachers who held my hand and never told me how much I trembled. Everyone know

Note to the intended :)

Two people looking through the same window might be seeing different things. It looks like some of my blogs have attracted/disturbed people for reasons of their own. This is to let all such people know that the experiences here are purely personal. Of what my thought process has been as I evolved. Kindly avoid any sort of comparison.  When I say, time evaporates, for me, it means I see time wasted when I am doing things that do not interest me. I have plenty of time for things I want to do. Kindly don't compare my situation with yours. You are or might be a far better person than I am. I am just an average person trying to get better of myself.  Also, I don't do any kind of promotions even within the family. That's a conscious decision. I just jot my personal opinions here which might be very conditioned. Please don't reach out to me for any kind of promotions or vested interest. I don't encourage it. I am just open to knowledge sharing. Hope this is simple and unde

HER Story :)

We were learning history. Being her naughtiest best my younger knows how to get my attention. Yet again another instance that I will cherish for my lifetime :) She: Amma, why is it called his story and why not her story? Me:  hmm we are in a society where males have always had the upper hand, maybe that could be a reason it's called his story and not her story. I am not very sure though. After some thinking. Me:    You can live your life such that history is forced to speak of her story. She: Like doing something for India? Me: Yes. We continue learning. Pointing to a word in the textbook ..... She: Amma how do we pronounce this? Me: That is 'Hiuen Tsang came to India from China more than 1,300 years ago." She: Ahh! How did you know 'T' is silent? Me: I studied it during school. She: Ohhh! Me: English is funny.  She: Yeah. In the word listen, 'T' becomes silent. Why doesn't it speak? We laugh. Me: I don't know. Kannada and Hindi are much eas

To err is human, to fake is common :)

On the first week of August 2021, a cool evening, I was out on a walk with my elder daughter (short by few days to complete 14 years). Let me give a little background. Phew! Getting my elder daughter out of her room is a big job in itself. She is confined to her room and studies that sometimes, I go nuts. But then, I do whatever is in my hands and whatever I think is best at the given moment of my understanding. I keep telling her that running after marks can at the most get her an entry to a college that people define to be good. Nothing beyond. That the efforts are important but then enjoying what is being done is even more important. Her standard reply would be "Amma, you don't care about marks. I do." I smile and she gets irritated. As we walked, she poped a question, "Amma, what if I say I do not want to do my graduation?" I smiled. She exclaimed,  "Amma, I am serious." I responded, "It is fine if you do not want to graduate, as lon

Smile a while!

Just capturing some light moments with daughter. I am neither giving a background nor leaving an aftermath story. Just the moment that took my brain on a roller coaster and ensured I enjoyed it to the core ...... Instance 1: Me: Subha, don't be lazy. Get up and focus. She: Amma, I want to sleep some more. Me: Don't you want superpowers? She: I will get superpowers. Me: By lying down? She: You don't get it amma! Me: Please explain. She: (with an ear-to-ear smile) When I laze around, I do it with complete focus. Now can you please let me focus? Me: &*#$@*&$*#$%@)*#*$% ................. and then :) Instance 2: She: Do I have to read Kannada today. Me: Yes. That's on your to-do, right? She: Alright, alright. Me: Cool. Picking "Pakshigalu" (meaning birds) lesson, she starts reading. The lesson is a conversation between the teacher and students in a classroom about birds. After reading around 1 and a half pages. She: Amma, did you notice something. Me: Yes,