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Lucky enough!

9:15 A M, Saturday morning, I was looking out for a parking slot for my bi-cycle near the grocery store. Not that there was lack of space for parking; but that I was concerned about the cycle. If there is one thing that these corona pandemic days have made me heartily happy about, it has to be the less occupied streets and easily available parking place. I could not have imagined Malleshwaram lanes open for placing your car close to your shopping destination; nor could I have thought of Bengaluru roads being  almost vacant during peak hours. Pandemic has really turned few impossible into possible.  Now, back to the cycle, I spotted a safe place for it. I went to this enthusiastic man in his may be 50-ies, selling sprouts of different pulses, placed on a small yet broad stool, sitting on a foldable chair.  Looking at me walking to him with the cycle, he questioned "Which pulses madam?".  I smiled and answered "No, sorry, I don't need the pulses for today, but need a f

Do you love me?

It's March. Exam times in India. Usually mothers' can sense a lot of pressure in the air during this time; if not they create one. Sadly that's the mood that is build by our ecosystem when it comes to " EXAMS " ( notice; its bold, in quotes and in capitals :( ).  I run late night to accompany my elder studying for her 7th class exams. She is nocturnal. She mostly does her studies on her own and does not require my presence, but then there is an unsaid sense of support she feels when she finds me working or reading something along with her. So I mostly stay awake. What drives me crazy is making my younger study. Not just during the exams, anytime for that matter. She knows her ways to get HER TIME and also MY TIME out of her study time. But I must also say that I have had some of my best moments during those crazy times. I am capturing one such moment here. Me: So, you have had your break, can we know some interesting things about some of our national leaders now?

Learning MATH? … Moti-weight OR Motivate?

Have you ever wondered why Math textbooks are bigger and bulkier than other text books? Have you ever felt like keeping a book aside procrastinating the read, looking at the size of it? Have you ever felt the subject-shaming that happens like the body-shaming? hmmm ...... these little ones make me wear my thinking caps most of the times. I don't know of others; for me, everything and every person has his/her own beauty. What we value or don't; what we carry or don't  - be it the good, bad, hate, love, respect, jealousy, greed..... and so on - basically the 6 enemies (kaama, krodha, lobha, moha, madha, matsara) and the one friend that gets rid of all these (love that comes in different size, shape and form);  describe our nature not the others'. You see, beauty always lies in the eyes of beholder. At the end, the intent is paid off. I am capturing one such beauty that took place last afternoon, 23rd Feb.  Making and baking all her reasons, my younger drops in for her stu

SHE knows to turn up my volume!

Its always a pleasure spending time with kids. They are the best means to help us live in the present. However, let me caution, one can go nuts if one is trying to sit with the kids for their studies. It's over years I have learnt and still learning that the trick is it make them feel it's flowing in their way.  I was with my younger, who is in class 3, helping her understand the concept of "measurement". With a glass in my hand and patience in my mind I was trying to explain her the difference between "volume" and "capacity". The conversation went something like this: Me: Now look at this glass. Say it is half filled with water. (In actual the glass was half filled with the peels of orange I had just eaten for evening snack). Can you tell me what is volume and capacity with respect to that? She: No. You only tell me. Me: See, the total quantity of liquid this glass can hold is capacity. And the water contained in the glass say in this case half

TajMahal or RamaSetu ?

As I grabbed a glass of water  in one hand this morning, the other logged into WhatsApp to quickly catchup on updates from groups. One thing that caught my attention was a forward from my Engineering class group. One of them had forwarded the below pic: I had an ear-to-ear smile. I pondered for a few minutes and gave a quick response -  "If you ask me, one wanted to show off his love and other wanted to protect his love. However there was lack of respect and trust respectively which is base of love. So if you ask me, either both qualify or both dont. 😊 or we might have to ask Mumtaz or Sita. 😂😂😂 I at times fantasize and wonder what would 'Ramayana' look like if it were written by a female. 😁" Even after the reply the subject had been running in the background. As they say, to get over it, one needs to get through it. So here I am jotting down the thoughts that waved up my mind.  Though majority of people in and around me very clearly had and have been taking reli

Ubuntu - I am because of you!

 (Sunday 17th of January. It was one incredible day for me - A family lunch at "Sattvam" (where my mind was in complete control of otherwise tempting food and stuck to raw food); I was at my fitness high almost covering 18 Kms for the day; A "YO" status on one of my adorables; Meeting a new friend and a mentor for my haiku learning; Most of all my elder who is in her teens, who otherwise is in her shell, either attending online classes, or completing class notes or watching her favorite show or busy with her friends' circle, suddenly turned up to me while I was attending the younger and trying to tuck her up for a good night's sleep. She just hugged me tightly and told me "don't ask me why, what, how and stuffs. I love you. I really really love you." I was touched. I hugged her back "I too love you and I am really sorry. Sorry for having beaten you twice. I know you have it deep in your heart that I havn't beaten the younger even once

I am still learning …...

  Many ask me if I disliked my job that I left it. I smile 😊 . And then they conclude its more important to spend time with kids. I agree and I smile 😊 I have always loved my job. It has for sure contributed in a lot of ways to be the person I am today; and helped me know some of the best people I have known; and learn invaluable life lessons. However, sometimes life throws lemons that you were not ready to catch up with. By the time you learn, the lemon would have played its role, while you could have used it in a better way if you controlled it. Well! getting back to paid job is out of question for some time for its own reasons involved. Not willing to discuss things that are not completely in my control, I smile when people make their assumptions. It took time for me to figure out that when plan A fails, there are 25 alphabets left to make other plans. 😊 That’s a part of learning.   It was during my 2 nd maternity leave; I learnt car driving. I had promised myself then that