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एक और कप चाय हो जाए ?

  (Read something, infact a poem on chai shared by Amithabji on Instagram  @amitabhbachchan (Amithab meaning one with undying radiance).  मेरा भी कुछ मन हुआ, तो मैंने भी कुछ लिख दिया, बस ऐसे ही, चाय-पास  (not to be read as time-pass 😉 )

Influence of little things !

Its been several months that my younger's friends' gang had been planning for a night over. Some how for one reason or the other it never got materialized. Yesterday was their day. (By yesterday, I mean 19th, this draft has being lying since 3-4 days, you can imagine how lazy it has been, not me ;) ) Finally they had their night over executed. It was at her friend's house. The 3 of them. 2 of them in the same class but different school and the other in the same school as my daughter's but her senior by 2 years. It's strange yet nice to quote that her friend in the same class is my high school senior's (senior by an year) daughter. We got and get to know more of us because of our daughters. She was out-going then and still the same, with that bubbly bindaas attitude and affiliative smile making it easy to bond. Since my younger was enjoying her night out, I checked with my niece if she wanted to sleep with me. She was more than happy to do so. Usually my younger

A growing tree!

Quite some time since I wrote here. Not sure if it was lack of time OR too many thing occupying me OR a writer's block OR just the reason I want to quote for not being here. Never the less, its always better to be late than not being there. So here I am with my little happy note again. :) Life as all say, has changed ever since corona. I can't agree less on that. For me it has not just been a change outside but a change within in a lot a ways. On that, some other day. :) Here today, to jot an instance, that revisited my learning and asserted it back into me. My little lovely daughter somehow manages to do that over and again.  Background: We all know how the online classes have taken over ever since corona. Be it school, be it out-side school activity, its all online. While I have got mixed reactions from different kids, my younger has never appreciated the online classes. Only thing that she likes about the online turned schooling is the exam system, which is multiple choice o