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Fishing is a quest!

A pleasant day. It was drizzling as I drove my Climber. I was on my way to Bhaskar Arts to pick some art materials. They home deliver on WhatsApp-ing; however I find my reason(s) to go out for sometime. That keeps me sane. As I stopped at a signal, a man in his rags and may-be-50s, came to me and started talking.  He said "Amma, I have no one to take care. I have not eaten for 2 days. Please give me some money." "I will park the car, crossing the signal. There is a hotel there. I will get something for you to eat. Please come there." I replied. He got a little irritated. "Amma, give me money. I dont want food." I said "I wont give you money. I can get you food." "Why amma?" he questioned. "You might get into liquor store as I drop money into your hands." I was straight. He stared "Amma, liquor shop is 50 steps from here. You can find many people there. I don't even visit that place." I had all smiles. "I can

A classic dream :)

A classic morning. I enjoyed my classic combination of pineapple and mint smoothie with a classic AB pictured song on the background - Jaha teri yeh nazar hai. Of-course it was combined with cozy chat with mom and my elder. Rest were enjoying the weekend sleep, which is usually a stretched one. ( Noooo! I am not complaining; I have had many of those as well :D )  With the song lingering my thoughts and lips having captured them, I walked to my younger, who was still dozing off with glory. I kissed her forehead. You see, best things in life are free; one being stealing a kiss from a sleeping innocent kid. With that best-thing-experienced smile on my face, I tweet into her ears-"Do you know the time, chinnu?". Turning her back to me, she said "What?". "It's almost 10" I asserted trying to turn her to my side. With a wide, bright smile, she said "Oh! its a dream?", eyes still shut. "You are smiling, that means you had a sweet dream? Is it?&


मुसाफिर रोज़ चले हम खोज में , अपने अन्दर के टूटे दिल को जोड़ने . राह मे मिलजाते है मुसाफिर , कुछ मुस्कुराकर चल दिए अपने रास्ते , कुछ पत्तर फेंके हौसला तोड़ने , कुछ बैठे अपने ही सोच में , कुछ दौडे है मंज़िल की चाह मे , कुछ बेफिकर दुनिया की दौड़ मे , कुछ जले है दूसरो मै आप को तोल के , कुछ बेहाल है मुश्किलो के सामने , कुछ खुश है कोई भी राह मै , कुछ अपने मीठे बोल से बहुत कुछ जोड़ते , कुछ बातोही बातो में हमसफ़र बने, यूंही चलते चलते बहुत कुछ सीखे, मुसाफिर अनेक, रास्ते अनेक, तरीके अनेक |   न रुखना , न झुकना, बस अपने दिल की राह में हुम्हे चलते ही जाना !  

ज़िन्दगी से दो बातें .....

ज़िन्दगी ऐसी शुरू हुयी की ..... नाराज़ ते, तो उससे रूठलिया  परीशान ते, तो वजूद पूछलिया  हैरान ते, तो सवाल करलिया  उदास ते, तो रो रोके बुरा हाल बनालिया मग्न ते, तो कुछ काम करलिया    खुश  ते, तो मस्ती में बेहलिया पर ज़िंदगीने ऐसा मोड़ लिया ..... खामोश दिल में हलचल मचादिया  हकीकत का आईना दिखाड़िया  बैठकर सोचनेपर मजबूर करदिया अपने आपसे सवाल करना सिखादिया  ऐसे बातों ही बातों में  जीने का असली मतलब बतादिया  अरे ज़िंदगीने ऐसा निचोड़कर बोल्दिया की ..... "जीवन संगर्ष हो - न हो, कल हम हो - न हो; आप हो - न हो, पर यादों का सिलसिला तो हो  गमोको प्यारसे छूकर सेहलाओ  लम्होको हसकर बितालो  ज़िन्दगी जीनेका नाम है, हाँ मुझे ठीकसे पेहचानलो!"  

Lock-down reflections - back and forth.


Corona Corona, STOP KA-RO-NA! - art-toon (part 1)

                                                                                                                      .............. to be continued

In love with the '12 Angry Men' ;)

Honestly, if one asks me to choose a favorite movie, it would be like letting a lady into a huge jewelry store and restricting her to pick just one, with no strings attached. Some are antiques, few others unique, yet others expensive, while many are attractive. Ask a lady, and she can delineate how tempting it is to pick up most of them and how hard to restrict it to just one. Allegedly for me, its very hard to pick one movie of the many lot that I have watched. Some were entertaining, others eye-opening, some educative, few others time-pass, many inspiring, a lot of them my night-study companions.  😊  There is nothing so fleeting as watching a movie, yet there are a few that leave you influenced for the life time. One such for me is –  12 Angry Men . 12 Angry Men  - It’s a tale of remarkable insight into the upsurge of economic, social, cultural thought process witnessed by the eyes, brains and hearts of the 12 angry men in a jury room. The evolution of the consensus in a closed room