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Mysuru from Bengaluru ......... part 4 :)

  Continuing from   Mysuru from Bengaluru Mini-me enjoyed the butterflies of joy all around as we talked and walked. I wanted to get back at the earliest. My phone flashed a new number. The voice on the other end said, “Madam, I am Abu. Your contact was given to me by X. X told me there is a problem with your car. What is the problem? Where exactly are you?”    Searching for the name of the lane on the Shop boards, I responded, “I am in a lane of garages and, I don’t know its name. My car may be around 4–5 Km away from me. I am unaware of the exact location of the car. I don’t even know of a landmark that can guide you. I will send you my current location. Please, get a battery along with the tools kit. The car needs a jump start. Push start may not work.”   “It will cost you Rs 500. Is that fine?” quipped the man.   “Yeah. I will pay you Rs 500. You start from your place. I will talk to some localite and update you on the location of the car.” I responded.   He hung th

Mysuru from Bengaluru ......... continued part 3 :)

Continuing from   Mysuru from Bengaluru I walked on the footpath of Mysuru, not to catch the lights and poms of the city but, to search for a Mechanic to fix the battery of my car. The city of lights indeed reminded me of Paris. I wondered as to what the current generation enjoyed more - a virtual trip to Paris or a street walk during Mysuru Dasara.  I informed mini-me that I would look for help for not more than an hour. Such conversations with mini-me helped me get away from the crowd and lights of the festival. I had walked around 2 Kms.   On one corner of the road junction, I noticed some policemen on their bikes exchanging talks. I bumped straight into them. I inquired as to where I could find some help to get my car to jump start. The very first question was whether I was alone and that there was no man with me. To which I responded that I was accompanied by some more in the car, all females. I was looked upon like an alien. I probed again to get information on finding help.

Mysuru from Bengaluru ......... continued part 2 :)

Continuing from Mysuru from Bengaluru One might have seen people conspiring, a common picture these days. Have you ever seen the universe conspiring? It looks like it does. Corona was within the head for nearly a year. On that, we got stuck in the car for more than an hour. Also, people and vehicles were moving closer. We wanted an escape. It looked impossible.   I wanted to stretch. I felt the need for my car to rest as well. I turned the key off. We were then busy in our talks. After 5 minutes or so, the vehicles behind started honking to cover a few steps gap between my car and the front vehicle. The car wasn’t ready to move. It did not budge from its position. My elder was perplexed, “Amma! Not again”, were her exact words. The car battery had drained completely.   That very moment I knew, the car needed a jump start. With experience I knew, a push start would not work, and there was no scope for it. I half-closed the windows and got down from the car. I looked at the traffic behi

Parva - A celebration called life!

We are in an age of exaggeration. And it’s very evident. Else why would a husband need social media to wish his wife a marriage anniversary when she is around his arms? Why would a family need gathering on zoom when they stay in the same building? Social media have robbed us of the simple joys of life. It has become more about slicing and projecting data that can earn in one way or the other. Exaggerations in social media have led to unrealistic comparisons and eventually to depressions. Mental health these days is of great concern. Of course, I don’t deny the fact that social media has its benefits. But the way it is progressing is not very healthy. Isn’t it food for thought?   Amidst OTI communication, I had an opportunity to witness a theater play at Ravindrakalaashetra. Thanks to a dear friend who booked a ticket, assuming I would join and they would not have to worry about transport. However, it was a Dutch treat.   We packed our food a little more than individual needs, a

Roses in December :)

We are in times that advertises the brand attitude - Impossible is nothing, pushing people into rat races . Seasonal fruits and flowers like watermelons, apples, roses, mums and, many more are available throughout the year. Seasons have lost their significance with man meddling into nature to show his superiority. While that’s food for thought by itself, I have something else running on my mind.   Roses usually bloom in spring. Some varieties bloom in autumn and early summer. But, they are not the ones that bloom in December, the winter times. So the phrase “Roses in December” caught my attention when a friend was reading a book titled so.  When I dug in, I realized, the idiom means to convey non-literal meaning, blooms out of the blues.   Life is precious. We are lucky to have one. Humans are the highest degree of being. We can reason, unlike other forms. If practiced, one can see beauty in the ugliest of beings. If not, one can find filth even in the most beautiful of beings.

Beyond Life ...

Sometimes we are so confined to our knowledge that we are stuck there. I was listening to something interesting and it was certainly food for thought.  We are often told "Dil dhadakne do", else we exist no more. Have we ever thought over it? Does life really not exist when the heart is not beating? On the very first go our thought is "no heart, no life", that is what we have been thought in schools. Now let's dig in a little. A zygote is known as life in the mother's womb or the beginning of a human. A zygote is the union of the sperm cell and the egg cell. Now, this zygote lives in the mother's body without a heart for around 20 days. The heart starts to beat only after that. Now the very funda of life is questionable with that. :) When life's funda can change, so can anything, we just got to be open to things beyond known. 

Mysuru from Bengaluru ..... :)

There are times when we think we are the smartest and, later we realize, how dumb we were. I am writing about one such instance from my life. It happened in 2020, the last week of October or so. (Being pathetic with names and dates, I will have to check my insta account, @ littlehappynotes.ap , for exact dates but, I am lazy to do so. :D).   TV screens and social media were flashing Corona numbers. Mini-me probed me. She wanted to drop into Mysore and enjoy Dasara. She pictured the absence of a crowd. And that she could leisurely enjoy the whims and fancies of the festival. The greener another side.   My mother is a travel enthusiast. She is not a soak-in kind of traveler but a hop-in kind. Since she had not seen Mysuru Dasara, she wanted to join in. I was more than happy to take her and convinced kids to join in as well. It was a blunder. I realized this after being in Mysuru. Traveling alone has its advantages and disadvantages. Usually solo travelers have lesser responsibili

We are what we eat ...... :)

Yesterday, I thought I would write about our Mysuru Dasara experience, which is an epic in itself. Then I listened to something this morning and changed my mind. Health, both physical and mental, any day comes before anything and anybody. A few years ago, I had been to a master health check-up. It was almost an annual routine. Why not? Most IT companies sponsor their employees and their family for such check-ups. Unaware of the mafia, I availed it too. After all, hubby’s company policy provisioned it. Usually, my reads on the report would all be in the normal range but for my weight. That year, there was a special test included called the Vitamin D test. My readings were a little low. The doctor prescribed Vitamin D sachets (brand not included). I was in a dilemma. However, when it was through the expert’s mouth, when one was working in closed rooms most of the time and when there is a certain amount of fear created by the doctor, one mostly tends to lean on the expert’s advice wit

A 1000 reasons to smile!

It was the annual day eve at our office. It ran for several days. Amidst work, one could indulge in the activities of their interest. I think such celebrations help us take a break, pep up the creative side, rejuvenate, engage in a healthy competition which would all eventually help build a healthy team, facilitate intra-network and result in better productivity. However, with the rat race attitude all around,  in most situations, and in most places, I have noticed that the actual intent is usually brushed aside by ego fights and/or jealous grooms. There are always exceptions. That particular year, unsure of why some of us wanted a few silent spectators from our team to be participants. As we discussed, it got fired. So they planned for a skit. To act, was not my cup of tea. I wanted to be a silent spectator in the skit or stay out of the skit. I remember the few rehearsals that went crazy but fun.   “Noodamma hodugi keeelamma sariyaagi” song from “Prema Loka” movie was part of the ski

Joy of Jumping!

  Amidst the pain, I see the joy of jumping that I could not resist. So here I capture the same in few lines. On an untravelled road At a reflecting point Jumping into the depth of the sea Picking the wings and flying sky high Watching the beauty widespread.     Everything around, Same as everything within. Curious to know the difference Again diving in and flying high. Repeating again and again.     The joy of jumping observes What is within Is observed outside The only thing not changing Is the change.     Life is knowing The joy of jumping Within pain. Whatever said and done Everything that is, is the change.  

The Mind Walk!

Unable to sleep, I chose to wake up and capture my thoughts. It turned into a poem with 2 of my favorite movies - peaceful warrior and mind walk.  I chose one as the title without a second thought.  At home, on earth, A sleepless night I watch 2 aliens On either side. One standing close yet very distant, Another distant yet I am its part.   What a nightmare!   Both operating On selfish motives Ripping me apart.   What a nightmare!   One trying to character assassinate to eat me up. Other trying to hold me as a toy to play with me. I stand all alone Watching them act.   What a nightmare!   I was being ripped And was unasked. I chose to be Fearless Peaceful warrior. I smile at them, Enjoying  My mind walk!

Naa-real Smile :)

I am such a crazy girl (or should I call myself a lazy one who does not carry a purse) that at times I bump into unknown shops without a single penny in my pocket. Realizing that at the n-th moment, I go with a belief that I would be let to pay later. That belief mostly works. After all, business runs with some amount of risk. At times when e-pays through phone have dumped me, my humble request have come to the rescue.   After my cycle ride, I usually go to this place for my tender coconut ( naareal in hindi ) drink, and for that extra cream. The selling guy there is usually on rotations. They shuffle their locations for a change, or for their convenience or so, once in a few months. This time when I visited the place, there was this teen boy who sang super-express non-stop Tamil. With a bindaas attitude, I drank a tender coconut, malai maarke, then I realized, I hadn't carried my purse. With a ‘phone-hai-na’ attitude, I tried to e-pay. And it said, ‘the server is temporarily d

A letter to my teacher!

Teacher’s day celebration in the apartment yesterday. A girl I knew had to give a speech for 2 mins. A very bold girl that I knew, was in tears, just before her turn. She found comfort in her mom’s arms. Her elder wanted to replace her but her mother objected. I silently watched them.   This morning, as I was heading home after a walk, the kid’s mother bumped into me. She felt the need to update me about her daughter since I enquired about her after the function. She informed that the crowd scared her. She also urged to say that her elder was unprepared and her content would not have been up to the standards. I wondered if my teachers ever said so. Then I mentioned to her these days, even when people know that the content is useless, there are donkeys who watch and listen to it. That I did not like the discouraging act. Giving a try would not have harmed. Her silence approved of it.   I remembered my teachers who held my hand and never told me how much I trembled. Everyone know