What's in a name?

I bump into an ongoing yoga class and attempt to catch up. It is my first time there. In turn, each participant announced the names of the asana for others to follow up while offering Namaskar to the sun god. I still try to catch up.

A person next to me completes their turn. I reluctantly yet instantly decide to pick up my turn. I announce  Budharaasana instead of their Adho mukha shvaanaasana; Bhujangaasana instead of Urdhva mukha shvanaasana. I miss Shashank asana, which is not part of the variant Suryanamaskaara I know.

People were kind to assist me with names I missed or names they were unfamiliar with. Despite our mismatch, the flow of the salutations is responded to by the bright rays of the Sun.

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