Tides in the ocean

Whereas numerous are actively finding ways to remain positive in torment, here may be a group of engineers who have made an E-skin that can feel pain. As I perused the afterward portion of the daily newspaper reading, there were waves within. I am letting them shoreline here. 

Today humans are the foremost shrewdly living creatures on the soil. A long time or perhaps centuries down the path, I can be an E-human telling humans of my prevalence. Or who knows! There are, as of now, such species not known to us. As one wave joined another close to the shoreline, I thought it was over. But there were new waves that bumped up from nowhere. Mysteries are endless! 

Tagore once composed, "Oh! My death, come and whisper to me."

At this point, I could only see, that too with a smile, a stream of life rushing through one path and then coming out of another. I could not see any horizon. Only the continuous flow!

my frame 

comes with

an expiry ...

I AM the one

without expiry

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