Mind over matter

"The radium has once more begun to eat in, with pain and toxic effects, and my world is again what was before - a little island of pain floating on a sea of indifference." These were Sigmund Freud's words to Princess Bonaparte after undergoing two painful operations for cancer and again being diagnosed with inoperable, incurable cancer. He was the father of psychoanalysis.

Indeed, even with such sufferings, his intellect was gem clear to decline pain-killing drugs. He argued that he favored thinking in torment than not being able to think clearly. Amid his final days, of all the things, he needed to think with clarity. He conducted four investigations every day until the week before his passing. During this period, he accomplished 'Moses' and 'Monotheism' 'The Outline of Psychoanalysis' was fragmented. However, there were no follows of his physical torment in his work. These books did not display signs of the passing 82 years old man, but exhibited the certainty of youth.

beneath the mosses
we all dwell
the battlefield

We terminate finding a weapon more honed than conventional. Something inside tires, however, lives. The one who continuously rests in peace ...

within petals 
of a blooming flower
nectar - unseen and untouched

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