Beyond life ...

The individual we think would live a long solid life would suddenly leave us without a clue, whereas an individual who we thought has no chance of survival would come into life as though he was never sick. Aren't these miracles? 

The human body is no less than a ponder. It's like a clock, always ticking. One day something happens, and our body comes to a halt. With a timepiece, we know the battery is dead. In people, it's the body. If we dissect the body and figure out what is and what isn't, before and after, there's no reply. Even science fails on that. This unknown power that drives everything, is conveniently called by different names by distinctive individuals in numerous places. Thus it is said without HIM, not indeed a strand of grass can move. You and I are fair the implies.

a tree hides

in a seed ...

the shell

of the ego

hides the divine

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