Who am I?

A graduate from a hand-to-mouth family requests a person for a recommendation. Looking into their financial condition, the person gets him a job. The young lad attends the job for three days and quits. He stays for several months at home doing nothing. When enquired, he reacts, "I am a graduate, and  20K is too less. I want to start something on my own." 

"Do you have money?"

"No, I will see."


A boy around 16 years opens a tender coconut to serve. 

"How far have you studied?"

"8th std"

"You are doing this job at this age. Don't you want to study further and make your future better?"

"I make 30K to 40K per month. What will I do studying?"

"Smart guy."


Sometimes loads of books cannot teach as much as a single sentence of a small boy can.

a drop

from an ocean

I am!

an ocean

in a drop

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