The truth is stranger than fiction

I have heard more stories from my father than my mother or granny. Some of them are deeply rooted and flowering now. I remembered one this morning. It goes like this ...

A farmer, after his work, sat under a tree. In no time, he went into a deep sleep. His neighbors and onlooker laughed at him; some yelled at him as they hurried to work. A very concerned friend came to him and woke him up.

Friend: What the hell are you doing?

Farmer: Why? What happened?

Friend: You are killing time. Why don't you come with me and work? We can make more money.

Farmer: And then?

Friend: Then we can buy a bigger house.

Farmer: And then?

Friend: Work even more and make more money.

Farmer: And then?

Friend: People will know us.

Farmer: And then?

Friend: We will have better contacts.

Farmer: And then?

Friend: Using contacts, we can plan holidays better.

Farmer: And how?

Friend: We can go to Switzerland in no time and at the best price.

Farmer: And then?

Friend: We can lie in a hammock, relax, and spend time with each other.

Farmer: What are we doing now? Anyways, and then?

Friend: (Irritated) I am tired of your... And then, and then.

Farmer: And then?

Friend: And then we will be happy.

Farmer: Why should I wait so long? I am happy now.

Friend: (Scratching his head) But then!

Farmer: Buddy! The greatest decision is the decision to choose. And that comes with the ability to discriminate between the subject and the object. I am not interested in accumulating unlimited objects. I choose to be happy now than later.

The friend walks away, scratching his head.

out of a cocoon

a butterfly

             not dead ...

                          I am love

                          of thy fullness

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