The follower

Last night I saw a twig of a plant broken. One could easily make out that it was an intentional act. I took it off and planted it in the soil. It's a plant that can propagate from its stem as well. Either it would grow into a new plant or would turn into manure. After several hours, a concerned person asked, "what happened to the plant?" I was quiet to let them continue. "Children might have accidentally broken." I said, "Maybe." In the background, I remembered a story my father often used to tell us - an incident in saint Kanakadasa's life. He and his co-seekers were given bananas and asked to eat them such that nobody would see them. The next day everyone was happy to describe their pride in having eaten the banana under the blanket of their bed, in the corners of their room, and in the bathroom. Kanakadasa was the only one found not to have eaten the banana. On inquiry, he replied, "Wherever I went, God's eye followed me."

It takes time to know that it does not take time. :)

I travel

far and wide

to fail

to see

here and now

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