The 1000 photographs

"A picture is better than a thousand words." As a kid, I always fantasized about this idea. Nobody ever told me why. Today, as I read something, I remembered it, and now I know the reason behind it.

As a part of an experiment, people were shown 1000 photos at a pace of one picture per sec. After a short break, Psychologists showed the photos again to the same people. Earlier pack of 1000 had 100 more added. People were requested to pick the images they had not seen in the first round.

Regardless of their memory capacity, everyone identified the photos they had not seen previously. People did not remember the order, but they recollected the pictures. 

That answered why some people remember the face or the moment associated with people than the name attached to them. However, the brain could be trained to remember the names of people with cues. When an image is recollected, there is a release of chemicals. That gives a kick more effective and instant than alcohol. That is why reels on media today are getting popular. 

 a tiny hole

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