Several days back, I was watching an interview.

Interviewer: Your wife did that? (Either to increase his TRP or he imagines what he wants from his future wife, or he compares his wife to what she is not)

Interviewee: Yes. She is the best!

Mini-me: (Unable to resist) Best? How many wives does he have?

Me: Stupid! He has one. Do you want him to get killed or what?

Mini-me: Then best???

Me: Oh, that! he probably sees his wife in many avatars - his wife when being a mother, his wife when being a daughter, his wife when being a working woman, his wife when being his caretaker. He calculates within and chooses the best.

Mini-me: Ah!

buzzing bee

around me

unnecessary attention ...

oh, star! - how you shine

with such attention!

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