Khayaali Pulav :)

Should I call it Briyaani? People at home like Biryani, and I like Pulav. Hahahaaa!

Anyways, “All the characters and events depicted are fictitious. Any resemblance to a person living or dead is purely coincidental.

A person, say A, is lost in thoughts while traveling on a train. A stranger, say S, after small talks with people around, sits next to her.

S: Suicide? , or Murder?

A: What?

S: Love marriage? , or Arranged marriage?

A: Oh! Murder.

S: Mine was suicide.

A smile.

S: What's bothering you? In love with someone?

A: Arreh! Do I look so dumb? I have got a life after death. I am not ready to die again.

S: Then what is the problem? People around are so concerned?

A: Once, my brother dropped me at the office. He became my boyfriend. Another time, I went to stay with my father in the native. It was tagged - live-in relation. People are ALWAYS concerned.

A smile.

S: Then, what is the problem? You look lost.

A: Oh, that! I am cleaning my inner chambers. I know, a lifetime is insufficient for that. Lost! In those calculations.

S: Then people said, you went with a stick to wake up the head.

A: Oh, No! I am a cool monkey. So people are concerned. I know I am INCAPABLE to CHANGE SOMEONE. I am very selfish. I do not have the time and energy for that.

S: I am relieved.

A smile.

A: Then, let's go.

S: Where?

A: To eat 99 variety dosas.

S: Why?

A: You just earned a Dr degree. Let us celebrate!

S: But, what did I do?

A: You just lightened my heart.

S: And why is it 99 and not 100?

A: There should always be something in life to reach out for. Else life is dead.

A smile.

desires and fears

in full swing

balancing on the tip

of a needle

our life!

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