Buddhapoornima :)

After her full-blown morning gymnastic class, my little one took me to charge. Her way to console her aching body is to take me on a tedious adventure trip. It takes a piece of my patient mind to bring her back to normal and make her realize that all her cells were smiling. She wanted to return it by making me smile and build an instant joke.

Pointing a furious stick at a non-cooperating student 

Teacher: On one side of my stick stands a fool

Student: Which side, sir?

squeezing the nectar

from the cows

a milkman

feeds the calf

... guru-shishya

(PS: Cows here refers to the Vedas, Upanishads, and other scriptures. Milkman is the guru and calf is the shishya. Giving a reference so that misinterpretation is warned. )

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