Beyond maths

A few days ago, my niece was shooting the concept of "big, bigger, biggest," and "small, smaller, smallest" for her kindergarten school assignment. As she performed, my mind drifted to my school days. Early morning at 7-sharp, my father used to take maths class. A few minutes late would result in a punishment of a canceled class. This man, now old, hid so many treasures within me then that I keep searching for them now, to get richer.

One morning as he taught me the chapter on measurement, he told me a story. It goes like this.

A frog was born and brought up in a well. It was happy. It cleansed the water in the well of all worms, insects, and bacteria. One day, another frog jumped into the well. 

"Where do you come from?"

"I am from a sea."

The frog in the well jumped from one end to the other and asked, "Is it as big as my well?"

"How can you compare a sea with the well? You have no idea about it."

The frog in the well again leaped and asked, "Is it bigger than this?"

"It makes no sense to compare the sea with your well."

"You are a liar. There can be nothing bigger than my well. You better leave."

The sea frog left, and the frog in the well was never happy again.

It has been the problem all the while. Comparison of what's not needed entangles us, and we thereby forget to focus on the needs. 

We can use a brick to throw at others or build a wall or a bridge. The choice is always ours.

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