A letter to my teacher

Dated: 06.09.2021


Yesterday! Teacher’s day celebration in the apartment. A very bold girl I knew had to give a speech for 2 mins. Just before her turn, she was in tears. She found comfort in her mom’s arms. Her elder wanted to replace her, but her mother objected. I silently watched.


Morning, as I was heading home after a walk, the kid’s mother bumped into me. She felt the need to update me about her daughter. I had inquired about her after the function. I learned that she was scared of the crowd. Her mother added that her elder was unprepared and, that her content would not have been up to the standards. I wondered if my teachers ever said so. Then I mentioned to her that these days, useless content is watched and listened to more. That I disliked the discouraging act. Giving it a try would not have harmed. Her silence approved of it.


I remembered my teachers who held my hand and never told me how much I trembled. Everyone knows they need time, sun, and water to start something and grow. Only a teacher who does not judge even before the start can open kids to full of history and the secret stairways. A teacher should be strong to let the child explore and create history. I have had such teachers. I thanked them for what they were and let us explore everything we wanted to. I see a lack of patience these days in teachers. After all, we are the system. Yeah! there are always exceptions.


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