We live in a democratic country. Fortunately or unfortunately, media these days use it for their business. Instead of showcasing the real issue, it just points at an offensive/subjective matter which needs no attention and broadcasts it to reach a larger audience. When the target audience outbursts subjectively, it captures that and broadcasts. Thereby it circulates the outrage of one audience to another, leaving the actual issue in the center to stand on its own, undisturbed.

In the connected world we live in, being democratically correct gives a high and makes a profit. Being honest and transparent are interrogated values. Haha! Mini-me pops already with her question. 

Mini-me: What does one get, being honest and transparent? Sufferings? Pain?

Me: I don't know. Sufferings and pain are inevitable. Whether one is honest or not doesn't count in that regard. hmm ... maybe those are the values that we pay for God to live with us.

Mini-me: And how does that help?

Me: I don't know. (After a short while, with a broad smile) ..... maybe it helps us save some pennies traveling to the temple. 

parched rice

in a bamboo basket

a vendor outside a temple —

how different is god? - when I offer

many things for something

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