The process of (un)learning!

As we walk into the school, she holds my hand. My younger daughter's PTM (Parent-Teacher Meeting). After all these years of attending PTM, usually, there is silence within. It is like the one in the courtroom before the verdict. I know her, her preparation, and the outcome very well. 

"I am going to fail in 3 subjects," she declares. I smile. She underestimates herself. I calculate ways to avoid the possible comparison with her elder (during the meeting), who usually overperforms when it comes to marks. 

"Madam, I see substantial improvement in her. As compared to online exam scores, her offline scores are better."  It began well.

"Hmm. I have hardly seen her focusing during an online class, whereas I receive information about every incident in the offline class," I respond to the class teacher.

"I appreciate her values. Kids who used to score 18, 19 out of 20 in online exams have scored 10, 11 in offline exams. She has performed better in offline exams," her class teacher remarks.

Though I dislike comparison, I am happy to see the pride on my daughter's face. "I know she is capable," I look towards my daughter and reply. 

As we walk out, I hold her hand. She sets them free and runs to play on the swing in the play area.

the crow thrones

the treetop

loneliness ...

between time and space - our burdens


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