The art of living

Pain is an inevitable part of everyone's life. What it means, or how it's dealt with, is a choice one gets to make. A close family lost a young son. He fought against the pandemic - corona. They had several months of horrible time before his death - shuffling between house and hospital, managing his children and elderly parents at home. His death had put life at a standstill. It looked impossible to move on. 

It has been a year since he passed away, and I am with their family partying in a resort. Sitting on a sun-bath bench on the poolside, I sip on water, talking to mini-me. His family is in the pool, having maybe some best moments of their life.

Me: Is this it? This is all it is?

Mini-me : (smiling) reality!

Me: Whether I am there or not, life goes on.

Mini-me : (smiling) you nailed it.

Me: then why all these? running, running endlessly!

Mini-me: either desire or fear.

Me: I understand fear. Fear of death! but ....... ???

Mini-me: Look at the funny part. If death is inevitable and a common fear, to never honestly die is the deepest desire. 

Me: Do we truly die?

Mini-me: Our physical form dies, so we try to keep our abstract form alive through our works.

Me: But isn't that a problem?

Mini-me: Of course! it is the root of all existing problems. Religious-based, language-based, nationality-based...... do you see it?

Me: hmmm ....... what is the solution?

"Amma! we got to leave, else we will be stuck in traffic", my daughter alerts. 

I brush my wet hands off my pants and attend to her. 

There is serenity within.

fish tickle

the furious sun

healing ...

anger melts

when we laugh - at self 

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