Positive Consumer

Superficially knowing more people is more advantageous than knowing a few people closely. That's the reason Facebook (oh! should I call it Meta, which knows us closely with all its intelligence), Twitter, and Instagram, these social media are vital parts of our lives. Personally, I find these media 90% of the time artificial. Because of these media, it is super hard to know what is trustworthy these days. Of course, we have benefitted from it too. I can connect to anyone I wish to in the world from a corner of my room. That too, without having to travel, or without having to spend a lot of money. While some of my life lessons and typical character-shaping events came from social media, my mammoth amount of time and energy wasted is due to social media. To be positive, we got to say NO to some things - hefty yet worthy learning. 

a seed breaks

into a sapling

nature —

to find something

we lose a few things

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