A routine question to self !

Information processing in humans is astounding. The duality in it is a fascinating aspect. Though its capacity is limitless, it has certain limits. The time and energy utilized to do a new task are more in comparison to doing routine work. A routine job brings out an expert in us. Hence to be successful persistence is the key. The learning of new tasks keeps the child in us alive. Hence the firsts are very special. There is a 2-way flow of information as we make sense of the world. One is the information gathered through our senses, and the other is the information stored in memory. While we have control over what gets stored in memory by paying attention, the dynamicity of already stored memory is out of our control. It's an interrelated network of schemas. When a similar stimulus is triggered, the network is activated faster than the light traveling. 

within me

two persons

one healthy

another ill ...

who outstands?

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