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I think that parenting is the most challenging job in the world. Each of us has our own lenses to view what is right and what is not. For instance, as a kid, I have seen our neighbors in my native place enjoy family dinner almost every day with a mug of beer. Kids as young as 7-8 years are encouraged to drink alcohol. It seems to be correct parenting as per their culture. 

To decide, we need to take our lenses off, move back a few steps, and see things objectively without being subjective.

My cousins in the US of A often mentioned fencing classes, dance classes, piano classes ...... a long list that I cannot recollect now. It had often put me on guilt trips when I was a just-born mother. I would often question if I was doing enough for my daughter. Luckily, today, that is not the case. When in doubt, I don't see outside, I see within.

We feel great pride in being better parents. By teaching something to kids. By enrolling them in various classes. Or by giving them a piece of our minds when they don't even ask for it. We go beyond limits to engage them in all sorts of programs and push them into a world of comparison. Either expect them to aim for a trophy, a medal, or praise from a teacher. After all, we are motivated by success defined by the world. And the success that the world perceives is visible and measurable. 

Why do we become blind to seeing that when a child is left to play as per its fit, it is learning the biggest lesson of life - to be a less anxious and happier individual.

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