Can I change (anyone else) ?

We are in a 'hey-look-I-have-cooler-life' social media culture, nurtured for a few decades now. People are always in a happy state of mind or at least feel delighted, for all the (un)necessary attention poured. Holiday-ing in Mauritius, Celebrities super passionate about their work, posts from couples showcasing a marriage made in heaven - all for a better feel. All this. While I am stuck explaining some school syllabus that my daughter is not interested in. However, we have to for the exams. Ah!

Have you ever observed?

We feel angry about being angry, sad about being sad, happy about being happy, fearful about being fearful. It is the same reason when we have a so-called, so-perceived good experience that we try and repeat it to have it over again. When we have a so-said, so-perceived unpleasant experience, we try to escape from it. 


Wow! the beauty of humans!!!

When we further dig in, we realize the cause of misery is this beauty - the desire for repeating an experience that we consider as good. Avoid re-occurrence of an event that we label as bad. 

When we question the solution to this vicious loop, the answer is simple, but not easily doable. 

the blazing sun, 

shadows over the city 

a reflection —

a thought

dissects thoughts

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