At a crossroad ...

As I walk into the theory of basic needs, I stop. Researchers say once the basic physiological needs meet, happiness and the so defined success by the world have no relation. A higher salary, a better car, and a bigger house cannot make a person happier. True, very true.

Interestingly, we measure self-worth by looking at the money one makes, the vehicle one drives, furniture one displays, attire one wears, the size and beauty of the house one lives in, status one portrays on social media, degrees one holds and the list goes endless ... Do all these make one happy? Shouldn't self-worth be directly proportional to the happiness quotient? Are all rich-successful people the happier lot on the earth? Isn't the suicide and depression rate higher in that class? I don't know. I neither consider myself rich nor do I consider myself successful, going by the way the world defines it. 

Today's world markets pleasure as happiness. Pleasure is neither happiness nor the cause of happiness. It is just a byproduct of happiness. Are people with no problems (both physiological and psychological) happy? I can answer this for sure. No problem(s) - is a bigger problem, because one enters into a comfort zone. A comfort zone can only provide pleasures, not happiness. 

If neither success nor riches or problem-free life make us fulfilled, then where can one find peace?

raging waves

takes me

to unknown depths —

I look

at (un)known self

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