The choice

Seeing her restless and irritated, I care to enquire.

Me: Is everything alright?

She: Nothing's wrong. You overthink.

Me: Are you sure that you are fine!

She: Yes, Amma! (a little annoyed)

I walk out, leaving her alone. Later at night, as I get ready to sleep, she walks in and lies down next to me with her arms around me. 

She: I had to study 5 chapters. And I wasted my time.

Me: It's not just with you. It happens with me as well. In fact, with everyone. We plan, and then we fail to execute. Then we waste some more time thinking about the failed plan. Even if we accomplish 50% of what we plan for the day, it's a good job. We can gradually get better at it.

I could see her 'It's not just me' smile. We continue to talk about everything under the sky. After some time, she walks away, biding me a good night.

a lady's rush

to unplug hung clothes

an untimely drizzle!

honesty in humans

a natural craving!

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