A denial

Whenever I get an opportunity, I lecture my daughter. When she is in a good mood, it turns into a dialogue. Otherwise, it remains a monologue. 

I try not to talk when she is carrying a bad mood. At times it doesn't work. Either due to my frame of mind or my ignorance of her temper. 

One such day we discussed decision makingWe learned that choices lead to conflict. A few days back, amidst her ongoing exam, she came to me.

She: Amma, I have band practice. Will you drop me at school or should I go with my friends?

Being capable of going to school in an auto-rickshaw by herself, she was asking for this. I realized she needed company. 

Me: You tell me. Do you want me to drop you off or will you go with your friends?

She: (After thinking for a while, flashing an ear-to-ear smile) Amma, I don't want a conflict, so you make a choice.

Me: (Wanting her to make her call) If you want me to drop, I can. I have no problem with it. If you prefer to go with friends, that is good too. I don't want a conflict, choosing for you. So you decide.

We both burst into laughter.

a dream

within a dream

Maya —

without effort

stuck in forever

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