Wheels of the car

चन्दन सा बदन चंचल चितवन

धीरे से तेरा ये मुस्काना

मुझे दोष न देना जग वालों 

हो जाऊँ अगर मैं दीवाना

Your sandalwood like body, your playful looks

The light smile on your face

People of the world don't blame me

If I go crazy for them

When I heard a guy sing the above song for another guy called Chandan (meaning Sandalwood), I remembered the smiling full-moon, who greeted me as I woke up. I gaped at it, thinking of its gender. Mythology considers a moon to be masculine. But a moon’s beauty is connected to femininity. Just then, a honk behind my car brought me back to the traffic and the FM.


two faces

of a coin

hand in hand …

one adds to another

to run

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