Daily vibes

"Son, I don't get sleep these days," repented a lady to the vegetable vendor.

"Age factor, mother. My mother also has the same problem," replied the vendor.

Sitting at a certain distance, on a park bench, I noticed the lady. She put her weight on one leg leaning her complete body on the same side to step through the other leg. One could easily make out she had a knee problem. Her neighbor joined her to expand the business of the fellow owning the vegetable cart. They exchanged their day with one another while the vegetable fellow announced the names of vegetables to gather more customers.

Their conversation grew interesting. Each complained of their daughter-in-law. Shopping time created a venting space. From the conversion, I learned that the earlier lady did not eat the food cooked by her daughter-in-law. I thought it could be an ego problem. Their conversation continued. At one point, the irritated lady yelled, "How will a Muslim girl know the importance of our culture!" I now knew the reason for her sleeplessness as well.

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