Changing perspectives!

An early morning walk is an absolute bliss.  We went out to savor it. On a plant, in front of a house, there was a note stuck with plaster. It looked as though the blooming flowers were requesting people not to pluck them. I pointed my daughter to it. We spoke of the concern shown by the house owner towards the plants. She thought that it must be a woman who did that. I exclaimed that it could be a man. She felt men were always busy with their work, it's the women who took care of the house. I tried to change her perspective. I countered that men work for the smooth running of the house by sorting financial stuff. Silence prevailed. I broke it by stating that there were/are always exceptions. I questioned her to think of such an exception she had encountered. Her response was a thud on my thoughts. She felt security uncle was an exception for he looked after the apartment. A very unexpected answer tried to change my perspective. We continued our walk and talk.

I pointed her to a man cleaning his house and told her to witness the exception. Her response was very quick. She asked me to look at the anger with which the man poured the water to clean. Silence prevailed. This time she broke it to mention she understood things around.

(I did not carry the phone to capture the mindful note. I will post a picture later in the day.)

fragrance of

the Hawai flower

homecoming —

true nature

hides in a seed

Photo shot on my Phone

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