Between two dates

My elder daughter started bombarding me with her words as she got ready for school. My younger daughter was still having breakfast while I picked up the morning mess that was scattered here and there. There was still time, yet I noticed my elder daughter clinging to the known and fearing the unknown. As we got into the car, her bombardment took a rise. While I drove at my speed, she wanted me to drive fast. Our 'you-you, me-me' continued in the car. I questioned her why she wasn't ready at 7:45 a.m., to which she answered that she was ready by 7:50 a.m. 5 minutes here and there was acceptable. I nodded. I asked if that was applicable only to her or to her sister as well. That made her even more upset. She left her sister in the car and walked to her class in anger. We were at school by 8:08 a.m. which was far before the expected time. I drove back listening to music on FM in peace. The first thing I got to hear from her when I went to pick her up was a "sorry," to which I said, "I too have been there; let's not repeat."

on a misty morning

the sun blooms gradually

over the city

swinging back and forth 

with ease on a violet blast 


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