Beauty of the eyes

"Who does not like colours" exclaimed my daughter as we strolled in the park.

The tweeting of the birds, the shapes and hues of the leaves, people busy building muscles - all seemed a treat to the eyes.

"I like black and white," I responded, enjoying the beauty around me.

"Oh! I like those colours too," she replied.

"But do you know something? They aren't colours," I introduced a thought in her.

"Not colours? What do you mean?" she quipped.

"You see, White is a mixture of VIBGYOR. Each colour has its significance. We understand white as light while black as dark or no light." I responded.

"Then how do we see different colors?" came her next question.

"Light falls on a dark object, only certain colours are reflected, rest are absorbed by the object. That is how we see specific colours of the VIBGYOR in an object," I answered back.

"Oh! you mean to say God painted all these!" This time she responded, I think.

                        between you and me

                                        particles of you and me

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