An unfinished book

My daughter was super upset about some issue. She showered it on me. It took a child in me to resolve her conflict and bring her back to normal. When things cooled down, the mother in me dominated. I wanted her to know, prolonged anger would multiply angry cells. Her face dwindled with an accepting nod. She declared she would receive a minus score from Lord Vishnu. Referring to the context, I replied that it wasn’t Lord Vishnu but Mr. Chitragupta, a minister in Lord Yama’s court, who kept a record of good and bad deeds. I built on, stating Lord Yama was the king of death. She blurted. She wanted to die, meet Lord Yama, and then return from his kingdom. I was undisturbed. I smiled at her innocence. I told her of a smart kid called Nachiketha. He had been to Lord Yama’s place, impressed him with his unwavering courage and witty questions, and smartly managed to return to life. She wanted to know further. I disappointed her and asked her to wait for some more days.

Shot on my Phone

one by one

the city light exclaiming

the winter dusk …

an old thought - surfaces 

with a blow

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