A healthy bite

लालयेत् पञ्च वर्षाणि दश वर्षाणि ताड्येत

प्राप्येतु षोडशे वर्षे पुत्रं मित्रवदाचरेत्

One should up bring a child with love and utmost care during the initial five years, followed by maintaining strict discipline during the next ten years. After the child reaches the sixteenth year of his age he should be treated like a friend. (a subhashita from Chanakyaneethi)

A subhashita that I learned in high school has lived with me. I often tried to find a friend in my mother but a daughter in me always overpowered me. Having a daughter in high school, I look forward to being her friend and hope she finds a friend in me. 

colorful bonding

between veggies

mother-daughter interaction ...

we share longings

of our heart

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