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We are what we eat ...... :)

Yesterday, I thought I would write about our Mysuru Dasara experience, which is an epic in itself. Then I listened to something this morning and changed my mind. Health, both physical and mental, any day comes before anything and anybody.

A few years ago, I had been to a master health check-up. It was almost an annual routine. Why not? Most IT companies sponsor their employees and their family for such check-ups. Unaware of the mafia, I availed it too. After all, hubby’s company policy provisioned it. Usually, my reads on the report would all be in the normal range but for my weight.

That year, there was a special test included called the Vitamin D test. My readings were a little low. The doctor prescribed Vitamin D sachets (brand not included). I was in a dilemma. However, when it was through the expert’s mouth, when one was working in closed rooms most of the time and when there is a certain amount of fear created by the doctor, one mostly tends to lean on the expert’s advice without the second thought. So did I.


I was prescribed one vitamin sachet every week for a period of 3 months. Each sachet was Rs 25 then. I also included a half-hour walk in the morning to get some natural sunlight. End of 3 months, a retest confirmed a very slight increase in the reading. I was surprised while the doctor was happy to take it to next level. He prescribed injections. According to them, injections were more effective than the powder. Somehow, I was not convinced of injections. Not the fact that they would be more effective but for the need of it. And when I am not convinced, I turn headstrong :D Crazy me! I told the doctor that I needed time to think and I would get back in course of time.


When one tries to reassure of the need for Vitamin D supplements, most of the experts go with the trend. Needless to say, one is disappointed and frustrated. After all the advice one gets is to go with the expert advice. I tried to get in contact with my all-time, any-time advisor, the google :D


I dug in. I realized vitamin D power and injects were just into the market then. I had a boast to my belief. I further dug in. I found B.M. Hedge’s article on Vitamin D mafia. (Link provided is not the one that I read but in similar lines). As I researched for the above link, I also found this video. Do check it if you feel the need. With that, no amount of advice to go with the common expert’s advice affected me.

Dr. Hedge's,  Mr. AB's concept always strikes me when I need to make a medical call for myself. The above video is in Kannada, it has a mention of it. For my non-Kannada friends here is the gist: an average Indian height is 5.4 ft. Now if Mr. AB goes for a test, he would be considered abnormal. And if Mrs. AB went for a test, she would also be considered abnormal. And the remedy usually given by the medical industry today is to cut Mr. AB's height and provide it to Mrs. AB. And that is how the "normal range" works in the medical industry. How does one size fits all work, that too in the medical field? Very dishearteningly it does.

With that, I just did not go back for the injections, nor for the master check-ups from that year. It’s been 7 years. Every year my husband listens to a no from me when he goes for his annual master check-ups.


I now go back to B.M Hedge’s videos when in doubt or when I just want to know more about body science. Over years, I also realized the ill effect of using sunscreens. The only chemical that I used on my face and body. I could link my low vitamin-D reads to the use of sunscreens. Boom! I stopped using it. I am sure my vitamin D would have shot up, however, I never got it tested again.

Thanks to B.M Hedge and the awareness created around.


A few months back, I was walking with a doctor friend on her farm. I took out the shoes to enjoy a barefoot walk on the soil. She smiled. I felt the need to mention the pleasure of it and the magnetic power it gifts us with. She said “yeah, our minds are no more pure you see. Being into diabetes treatment for so long, our minds work with the knowledge of gangrene in legs with sugar. So, it does not let us enjoy the barefoot walk the way you do.” We smiled and walked. One bared and the other with the knowledge. 😊



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