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Mysuru from Bengaluru ..... :)

There are times when we think we are the smartest and, later we realize, how dumb we were. I am writing about one such instance from my life. It happened in 2020, the last week of October or so. (Being pathetic with names and dates, I will have to check my insta account, @littlehappynotes.ap, for exact dates but, I am lazy to do so. :D).


TV screens and social media were flashing Corona numbers. Mini-me probed me. She wanted to drop into Mysore and enjoy Dasara. She pictured the absence of a crowd. And that she could leisurely enjoy the whims and fancies of the festival. The greener another side.


My mother is a travel enthusiast. She is not a soak-in kind of traveler but a hop-in kind. Since she had not seen Mysuru Dasara, she wanted to join in. I was more than happy to take her and convinced kids to join in as well. It was a blunder. I realized this after being in Mysuru. Traveling alone has its advantages and disadvantages. Usually solo travelers have lesser responsibilities, make quicker decisions, have higher risk-taking abilities and have immense scope of self-discovery. Traveling with kids and elders is a different ball game.


Kids don’t enjoy traveling in a car. Especially when it is long one. However, they are kind of ok traveling in my car and with me. They have it fed into their head that mother’s car is if-need-be-it-stops-anywhere. We enjoyed the long steady drive to Mysuru.

A couple of stays that we checked out on the internet did not work well on a personal investigation, from a safety and kid’s liking point of view.  By afternoon 2, we decided on the stay place, checked in and, went out for lunch.


My elder daughter was on my head. She agreed to be a part of our trip on a condition. I had promised to facilitate her attendance to a school-arranged virtual trip to Paris @ 3pm in the hotel room. I managed to get things fixed for her by 3:15 pm. And by then, she had churned curd of my head. End of it, she was bored of her virtual tour in 5 mins and hardly listened to it post that. Phew!


That evening and the next day until evening, we did some site seeing. It included zoo safari, museum visits, brundhavan garden walk, drive to back waters. My girls(daughters and niece) were tired by then. They just wanted to lie on the hotel bed and watch TV. However, my mother was interested in accompanying me to experience the evening city lights and the palace procession. It took around 1 hour to convince the kids to join us. We were not very comfortable leaving them back in the hotel room all by themselves. Phew!


We were in a hotel that was around 3-4 Kms from the palace. I wanted to walk down, while the rest were adamant on taking the car. Phew!


1 Km away from the palace, sitting in the car, I thought it was indeed a good idea to have come by car. It was super crowded. We were amidst a slow moving traffic. It was almost an hour of being in the traffic and, we had hardly moved 50 steps. We had engaged kids with talks and some games in the car. My mother picked a few dry bhel puris and boiled masala ground nuts from inbetween the street food vehicles. That engaged the kids for some more time. We were completely stuck. Within the car in the traffic. Unable to stepout and watch the palace nor being able to get back to the hotel room.


The soft music, the non-stop cribbing of kids, the flickering city lights, slow moving traffic, innumerable moving masks, crowded street food stalls, instructing police officials and my clicking phone camera all happened simultaneously in the moments. It was as though a zillion atoms were bombarding to make it’s presence felt. Little were we aware of what was in store next. 😊


                            …………………………. To be continued.






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