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Mysuru from Bengaluru ......... part 4 :)


Continuing from Mysuru from Bengaluru

Mini-me enjoyed the butterflies of joy all around as we talked and walked. I wanted to get back at the earliest. My phone flashed a new number. The voice on the other end said, “Madam, I am Abu. Your contact was given to me by X. X told me there is a problem with your car. What is the problem? Where exactly are you?” 


Searching for the name of the lane on the Shop boards, I responded, “I am in a lane of garages and, I don’t know its name. My car may be around 4–5 Km away from me. I am unaware of the exact location of the car. I don’t even know of a landmark that can guide you. I will send you my current location. Please, get a battery along with the tools kit. The car needs a jump start. Push start may not work.”


“It will cost you Rs 500. Is that fine?” quipped the man.


“Yeah. I will pay you Rs 500. You start from your place. I will talk to some localite and update you on the location of the car.” I responded.


He hung the phone with approval. I walked faster. Every 10 minutes, the phone rang to inquire about the location of the car. And a couple of times I said, I still had to get hold of a localite to know about it.


As soon as I exited the garage lane, I looked around to inquire about the location. Few people who wandered here and there were not localities. I walked a little more in search of street-food gaadiwalas. I could not think of anyone else who would know the locations and landmarks better. To my surprise, the lights were all gone, so were the gaadiwalas.


Mini-me quipped as to what on earth stopped the celebration when corona could not stop it? I nudged her to have patience. My phone constantly rang. The person on the other side was fuming every time he rang the phone. He was driving his car and was finding it hard to find the location. Every time the phone rang, my heart danced with joy. My hobby of capturing the moments in photos had saved me big time. My phone, otherwise lying somewhere, unaware of its life span, was fully charged that day. If not for my hobby, I would have been in the soup. Continuing my love affair with my hobby, I found a lone bhelpuri-wala.


I first asked him why the lights were gone. He said the lights are switched off at 9 pm. It was only then I had the sense of time. I told him that I had to provide address details to a mechanic. He informed me that we were on Palace road. And that the Palace had four entrances and, I could use the direction of the entrance to provide the landmark. Mini-me made fun of me for still getting confused with the four entrances of Lalbagh back in my home city. I requested the bhelpuri-wala to guide the mechanic and gave him my phone.


They interacted for a good 5 minutes, while I enjoyed the fresh air. I thanked him and walked with relief. I picked up on my speed. My phone rang again. The mechanic was still trying to figure the location. I informed him to check my current location and told him I would reach the spot in 15 minutes. After some time I could spot my car. I flew there in no time.


Kids spotted me. They had a lot to share and ask. With a lot of enthusiasm, they informed me that an old Maruthi car in front of ours had stopped because of the same problem. I turned around only to watch it start as my mother narrated the details. The overcrowded Muslim family drove away. Mini-me smiled along to see the human nature of finding the comfort of a company stuck in the same problem. A comfort that reads “it's not just me.” I saw another Maruthi car park in the vacated place. Finally, the mechanic had spotted my car.


It took 2 minutes for him to jump-start the car. He cribbed about his struggle to spot my vehicle. I replied to him that he had charged me three times more than the usual for his cribbings. He walked away with his money and a smile.

 ............................. to be continued



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