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Beyond Life ...

Sometimes we are so confined to our knowledge that we are stuck there. I was listening to something interesting and it was certainly food for thought.  We are often told "Dil dhadakne do", else we exist no more. Have we ever thought over it? Does life really not exist when the heart is not beating? On the very first go our thought is "no heart, no life", that is what we have been thought in schools. Now let's dig in a little. A zygote is known as life in the mother's womb or the beginning of a human. A zygote is the union of the sperm cell and the egg cell. Now, this zygote lives in the mother's body without a heart for around 20 days. The heart starts to beat only after that. Now the very funda of life is questionable with that. :) When life's funda can change, so can anything, we just got to be open to things beyond known. 


We live in the world of internet these days. Information is on our finger tips. We love clicking and forwarding anything and everything we see and recieve on our phones. Are we judicious enough to understand and see the things behind it? We spend a certain time watching what we like, reading what interests us and listening to what we need. We at times comment and/or reply with our feedbacks and show our gratitude to a certain programs which helped us in a certain way. Period. Forcing someone to follow or harassing someone to perform a certain act is totally unethical and shows lack of maturity in all sense. Being a techie, I understand how a certain things work on social media. Every social media has a hyperlink to the investor. Everytime I click a ceratin link, or engage in a video watching, the stakeholder is making money. Fair enough! Not my problem. If there is a way to make money, there are people to make use of it. And that's human. We cannot expect everyone to think ethicall

Mysuru from Bengaluru ..... :)

There are times when we think we are the smartest and, later we realize, how dumb we were. I am writing about one such instance from my life. It happened in 2020, the last week of October or so. (Being pathetic with names and dates, I will have to check my insta account, @ littlehappynotes.ap , for exact dates but, I am lazy to do so. :D).   TV screens and social media were flashing Corona numbers. Mini-me probed me. She wanted to drop into Mysore and enjoy Dasara. She pictured the absence of a crowd. And that she could leisurely enjoy the whims and fancies of the festival. The greener another side.   My mother is a travel enthusiast. She is not a soak-in kind of traveler but a hop-in kind. Since she had not seen Mysuru Dasara, she wanted to join in. I was more than happy to take her and convinced kids to join in as well. It was a blunder. I realized this after being in Mysuru. Traveling alone has its advantages and disadvantages. Usually solo travelers have lesser responsibili

We are what we eat ...... :)

Yesterday, I thought I would write about our Mysuru Dasara experience, which is an epic in itself. Then I listened to something this morning and changed my mind. Health, both physical and mental, any day comes before anything and anybody. A few years ago, I had been to a master health check-up. It was almost an annual routine. Why not? Most IT companies sponsor their employees and their family for such check-ups. Unaware of the mafia, I availed it too. After all, hubby’s company policy provisioned it. Usually, my reads on the report would all be in the normal range but for my weight. That year, there was a special test included called the Vitamin D test. My readings were a little low. The doctor prescribed Vitamin D sachets (brand not included). I was in a dilemma. However, when it was through the expert’s mouth, when one was working in closed rooms most of the time and when there is a certain amount of fear created by the doctor, one mostly tends to lean on the expert’s advice wit