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Note to the intended :)

Two people looking through the same window might be seeing different things. It looks like some of my blogs have attracted/disturbed people for reasons of their own. This is to let all such people know that the experiences here are purely personal. Of what my thought process has been as I evolved. Kindly avoid any sort of comparison. 

When I say, time evaporates, for me, it means I see time wasted when I am doing things that do not interest me. I have plenty of time for things I want to do. Kindly don't compare my situation with yours. You are or might be a far better person than I am. I am just an average person trying to get better of myself. 

Also, I don't do any kind of promotions even within the family. That's a conscious decision. I just jot my personal opinions here which might be very conditioned. Please don't reach out to me for any kind of promotions or vested interest. I don't encourage it. I am just open to knowledge sharing.

Hope this is simple and understandable. 


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It was a cloudy morning, as I watched the sky through the balcony window after getting up. I hoped Mr. Sun to be a little kind to spread his shine that day and rushed to finish my morning miscellaneous work. By 6:15 am, I checked my mobile to find a missed call. I did not bother to call back since I was already on my way to the lady’s house who had called up. I reached her house by 6:30. am. She was busy finishing up her morning stuffs and took another 5 mins and then got into the passenger seat of my car.  “I called you up, and then I called your land line. Your mother informed that you have already started.” she said. “I thought I will talk to you in person since I already had started, hence did not bother to call back.” I replied. “I was wondering if you would make it or not. I almost had dropped the idea of participating, later when your mother said that you have started, I hurried up.” She said. “hmm.....frankly I went to bed late. My daughter was in a playful

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