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A life lesson from a school exam .....

It’s exam time again. My elder out of the blues came and hugged me last evening. I enquired if things were all good and if she needed any help. She cooly replied that everything was going well and that she was taking a small break. We had a cozy talk and then she was back in her shell for her preparations. I was happy to see her plan judiciously for her exams and attend it without much anxiety. 


As she left, I remembered an instance from her earlier years. She was in the 5th class or so. Her final exams were on. She used to get her books and I used to help her with her studies. She got her English books, we studied almost the whole evening. The next day morning I dropped her at school. I wished her luck while she asked a friend of hers as to why she carried a Science book on the English exam day. Her friend asserted that it was a Science exam that day. 


My daughter was under the notion that her friend was joking. We enquired a couple more of her friends to realize that it was indeed a Science exam that day. I asked her to stay cool and attend the exam with whatever she knew from her earlier studies. I stayed back until she went inside. Though at that moment I portrayed myself to be all fine and cool, I came back home a little worried thinking if she would panic or so.  I went a little early to pick her up. 


She came out and I looked at her with raised brows. Her face was small. I remarked that I was proud of her to have attended the exam without preparation. She said she ran out of time to finish the paper. I told her that it was fine. We came back home laughing at each other for having done such a blunder of not looking at the exam timetable before starting to prepare. The rest of the exams went by. 


Usually, I am not very keen on the marks scored after the exams, but this time I was eagerly looking forward to seeing her Science answer paper. Though I did not mention it to her. During the PTM, the first paper I landed on was her Science paper. I was very happy to see the way she had answered her paper. Madam had scored 73 out of 80. Rest of the papers I did not bother to look at. Her teacher was all praises for her Science marks and commented that she had scored less in English despite preparing for it twice. I replied that she did not re-study for the English exam after her Science. 


I held my daughter close and walked out with pride. We indulged in some ice cream to celebrate the victory on the exam the life had thrown at her.



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