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A 1000 reasons to smile!

It was the annual day eve at our office. It ran for several days. Amidst work, one could indulge in the activities of their interest. I think such celebrations help us take a break, pep up the creative side, rejuvenate, engage in a healthy competition which would all eventually help build a healthy team, facilitate intra-network and result in better productivity. However, with the rat race attitude all around,  in most situations, and in most places, I have noticed that the actual intent is usually brushed aside by ego fights and/or jealous grooms. There are always exceptions.

That particular year, unsure of why some of us wanted a few silent spectators from our team to be participants. As we discussed, it got fired. So they planned for a skit. To act, was not my cup of tea. I wanted to be a silent spectator in the skit or stay out of the skit. I remember the few rehearsals that went crazy but fun. 

 “Noodamma hodugi keeelamma sariyaagi” song from “Prema Loka” movie was part of the skit. A guy from the team tried catwalk, actors for the role of Dhushyanta and Shaakuntala quarreled/argued to get the scene right and we spectators in the skit and in real found it super easy to sit, laugh, and comment. After a couple of days, for some obvious reasons, we dropped the idea. 

The other option in which around 20 team members could be part of some event was group singing. Only a couple of them were good singers, the rest of us were clowns when it came to singing.  Getting almost 20 to sing in choros in a span of 4-5 days was craziness in itself. Moreover convincing some of them to sing was another craziness. However, with some crazy minds working together and constant push, all agreed. The suggestion of singing a non-filmi song, not known to the public was accepted. That idea was to eliminate the possibility of comparison with the original. A military song was tweaked to fit the IT life and we rehearsed it a couple of times for 3-4 days. We had traveled from pathetic to the ok stage.

The lyrics went something like this …..


The life in the IT they say a mighty fine,

You go by 21, you are dead by 29.

Hey man! I want to go, show me the way to go, ha haaaa, I want to go home.


The wages in the IT they say a mighty fine,

They give you Rs 100 and take back 99.

Hey man! I want to go, show me the way to go, ha haaaa, I want to go home.


……. Something something something (I can't recollect the lyrics completely). While I smile whenever I think of it, the management took it to heart. I guess! Ha ha ha!

Almost 20 of us, on a stage, pulled it out decently for the little amount of practice we did. Wow! A memory that I will carry for a lifetime. We had managed to pull a few silent ones from the team onto the stage. People did laugh at what we did, but then also remembered us for the same. There was a team spirit, winning was never on our minds (after all our practice was insufficient), while some were overcoming their being on stage fear, others were having fun, a few of us worried about people dropping out at the n-th moment. At the end of the song, we were all over it ………. with a smile, rather a laugh.

The life in the IT they say a mighty fine, it gives us a hundred reasons to cry and a thousand to smile.  😊





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