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Power of a hug or the brain, or both?

Yesterday, as I got ready to go out, my niece, declared "Ajji (granny), Shubha wants to talk to you."

I saw my mother busy in the kitchen. I attended to the intercom phone. 

"Hello! Shubha," I spoke.

"You haven't left yet? I thought, you have already left," she questioned, hearing my voice.

"I was about to leave. You wanted to tell something to ajji?" I enquired.

"I had dosa in V's house. I wanted to let ajji know," she responded.

"You had dosa?"  I exclaimed. At home, she throws all kinds of tantrums when it comes to dosa-eating.

"Yes, I had one dosa. It was different," she replied.

With a smile, I asked, "When do you plan to come back home?"

"I don't know," she replied sincerely. I could sense her ear-to-ear smile over the phone.

"Amma, before going, hug K (her cousin), and think that I hugged you." She said with all innocence.

I smiled and bid a bye to her. Before leaving, I hugged K. Her last sentence lingered around until I reached the intended place.

The thought within was, "How do kids manage to see themself in others so easily?"

The more I thought about it, the more strongly came the answer. Kids manage to live in the present. They both have fought so many times. They do not connect the past with their present. 

"Why is that, we elders, find it hard to do so?" was the next question from within. 

"Probably we have more info stored in memory through our sensories."  came a reply.

"Can we delete the unwanted images from within?" asked the mini-me.

"No. But you can control the way you respond to it." said the voice within.

These questionnaires went on for some more time. I was interrupted by a friend sitting next to me. "We have reached in 20 mins. Otherwise, it takes nearly an hour," she said.

"Was I driving all the while with all these Q&A sessions going on in my mind?" I questioned and beamed with a smile.

"I never realized, maybe, the traffic was clear, so I could pass easily," I replied to her and myself.

I parked both my car and the session for the time being.


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