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All about the stupid guy :)

Another beautiful day. Yesterday! And I was with my younger (9 years) with her studies. My encounters with my daughters are mostly interesting. This one blew me off. So here I am capturing it again in my little happy notes. We had just finished half an hour of studies. She demanded her break. I have known that breaks help bounce back better. Without second thoughts, I let her enjoy her breaks. I keep my laptop next so that I am not pissed off with her breaks. A win-win. Her breaks usually involve listening to a couple of songs from her now-favorite 'blackpink' or dancing to a song, or a quick play with her cousin, or at times just get cuddled by me.

She started browsing for songs, while I got into some interesting read on my laptop. Suddenly 

She: Amma, I have a question.

Me: Shoot.

She: These superpowers and all are myths. No?

Me: Not really. They do exist. Why did you get that question in the first place?

She: These 'blackpink' band, my favorite band grils(reminding me, thinking I might have forgotten the name, she knows I am pathetic with names) want superpowers.

Me: hmmph

She: (She points to a pic, where the girl has a body of a snake) This cannot be real, no amma?

Me: (Smiling) You are right. This is not real. It is photoshopped.

She: Our body dies but superpowers never die. no amma?

Me: (completely taken back by her question) Yes. You are right. How do you know?

She: I just know it. But I have another question.

Me: Shoot.

She: Do human beings have superpowers amma?

Me:  (Smiling) Yes. We have. You see in earlier days sages performed penance for years without food and sleep, or with very little food and sleep. That is a superpower. No?

She: How do I get superpower amma?

Me: By focus. You see, when you are playing, you should only think of that but nothing else; when you are reading or studying, you should only think of that; your mind might say 'Shubha, your friend is playing. Shubha, there are mangoes in the fruit basket, go have it.' That is when you have to tell your mind - 'You stupid guy, you better run away, else you will get it from me.' and bring your focus back to whatever you are doing.

She: Amma, that should be you, stupid girl. No?

Both of us laughed and even before I replied she punched.

She: Actually you are right. Girls are smart. So it has to be a stupid guy.

We both burst into laughter. But her quest continued.

She: Amma, it's only that our body is born and it's only that our body dies. But our superpower stays or gets into another body. No amma?

Me: (Completely shocked) That is correct. But how do you know it? or Where did you learn about it?

She: I just know it amma. Nobody told me of it.

She: amma, our minds can never be empty. It will have one or the other thoughts always. except while we sleep. no?

Me: That is absolutely right.

She: That is why we have to meditate right?

Me: Very right.

She: So we have to meditate every day for a little time?

Me: You see the actual idea is not meditating every day for a little time. The idea is to start with meditation for a small time. Get better with it over time. And then with that, your focus gets better. Once your focus gets better, you can be focused on every small thing you do in your day-to-day life. That way meditation becomes a part of your life and part of every moment.

Me: Shubha, your questions are deep. I am happy you are thinking in those lines.

She: (With pride in her face and smile) Amma, can I have superpowers to do whatever I want to do then?

Me: Yes you can. For that, you need to focus. Focus on the work in your hand. When you do that over and over, every part of your body becomes active and you become so energetic that you can do whatever you want to like this (i snap my fingers).

She: Amma, why do you snap your fingers often. I can't even do it.

Me: It's my trick to bring back the focus to the current.

She: Ohhhhhhhoooooo!

She: Amma let's study. My break is over.

Her study goes super fast. Both of us knew what worked. She was off to her play and I was back to my reading.

Later in the night, I returned home after a walk. She was playing rummy with her grandparents and uncle. I joined them. As I played, I asked them which card was placed. After my repeated asking, my younger declared "Amma, you can never have superpowers." While others did not get the context, I was happy, she not only managed to apply what was told and but reminded me of following what was told. My mind was pondering over Mr. JK and his thoughts. I had listened to him and returned. It was still lingering within. I was not in my game. 

I shouted at mini-me - "You stupid guy! you better leave."

Oh, I forgot to mention. She won the rummy match by 2 matches out of 5.


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