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Technology without ethics OR Techies without ethics ???

  It's been some time since I have been experiencing some unknown logins to my system/devices with no traces left every time. There has been no materialistic loss; I believe the logins have been made solely for the purpose of knowing my activities or reading my messages; so looks like it is from someone who knows me or wants to know me. However today I do get a mail from google on an unknown device having logged into, my another Google account as well. I do have heard from a guy working in Cisco about the ethical hacking being thought of in their company. I understand Cisco being a networking company cannot exist without hacking being used. But then I wonder how such companies which require ethical hacking for their work, ensure it's not being misused. hmmmm ........   Technology comes with its boon and bane :( Happy I understand technology; unhappy that many who understand technology do not understand ethics.