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Lucky enough!

9:15 A M, Saturday morning, I was looking out for a parking slot for my bi-cycle near the grocery store. Not that there was lack of space for parking; but that I was concerned about the cycle. If there is one thing that these corona pandemic days have made me heartily happy about, it has to be the less occupied streets and easily available parking place. I could not have imagined Malleshwaram lanes open for placing your car close to your shopping destination; nor could I have thought of Bengaluru roads being  almost vacant during peak hours. Pandemic has really turned few impossible into possible.  Now, back to the cycle, I spotted a safe place for it. I went to this enthusiastic man in his may be 50-ies, selling sprouts of different pulses, placed on a small yet broad stool, sitting on a foldable chair.  Looking at me walking to him with the cycle, he questioned "Which pulses madam?".  I smiled and answered "No, sorry, I don't need the pulses for today, but need a f