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Do you love me?

It's March. Exam times in India. Usually mothers' can sense a lot of pressure in the air during this time; if not they create one. Sadly that's the mood that is build by our ecosystem when it comes to " EXAMS " ( notice; its bold, in quotes and in capitals :( ).  I run late night to accompany my elder studying for her 7th class exams. She is nocturnal. She mostly does her studies on her own and does not require my presence, but then there is an unsaid sense of support she feels when she finds me working or reading something along with her. So I mostly stay awake. What drives me crazy is making my younger study. Not just during the exams, anytime for that matter. She knows her ways to get HER TIME and also MY TIME out of her study time. But I must also say that I have had some of my best moments during those crazy times. I am capturing one such moment here. Me: So, you have had your break, can we know some interesting things about some of our national leaders now?