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Learning MATH? … Moti-weight OR Motivate?

Have you ever wondered why Math textbooks are bigger and bulkier than other text books? Have you ever felt like keeping a book aside procrastinating the read, looking at the size of it? Have you ever felt the subject-shaming that happens like the body-shaming? hmmm ...... these little ones make me wear my thinking caps most of the times. I don't know of others; for me, everything and every person has his/her own beauty. What we value or don't; what we carry or don't  - be it the good, bad, hate, love, respect, jealousy, greed..... and so on - basically the 6 enemies (kaama, krodha, lobha, moha, madha, matsara) and the one friend that gets rid of all these (love that comes in different size, shape and form);  describe our nature not the others'. You see, beauty always lies in the eyes of beholder. At the end, the intent is paid off. I am capturing one such beauty that took place last afternoon, 23rd Feb. 

Making and baking all her reasons, my younger drops in for her studies, as usual after a long wait. And then she questions "Amma, are you all done? Can we sit for studies at-least now?" grabbing that smile out of my long-waiting-patience.  

"Yes chinnu, lets deal with data handling today. Ok?" I suggest.

"What is data, amma?" she quips.

"Any random information is data. Now tell me what is data-handling?" I look at her with expectation.

"Handling of data is data handling", she replies with a wide smile.

Smiling I say, "You are right. It is more to do with organizing, reasoning, classifying of the information" as I take the Math textbook into my hands.

Watching that she says, "Oh, I don't understand it amma. And dont you think I need to take this Math book with me for playing scooter?"

"Why so chinnu?" I, wanting to understand her.

"So that it reduces some weight and it becomes easier for me" came the instant reply.

We burst into laughter. 

"That's a good idea. And there are other ways to make it reduce its weight. You know?" I smile.

"How?", she is curious.

"hmm when you regularly study and make it fun, it will automatically reduce its weight." I respond with a thoughtful smile.

"I know. I know. Stop it Amma. It is sooo boring to do it daily." she makes a face.

Understanding her, I didn't want to rub further in that direction. I close the book, and keep it aside.

"How many hours do you play in a day?" I question.

"A lot." she replies, not having a track of the hours she spends playing.

"How many hours do you spend reading?" I quip.

She smiles, knowing her own truth.

"How many hours do you spend with amma?" I continue.

"That's always less I feel. I want you to be always with me. Can you give me a hug?" she comes close to hug.

Hugging her, I say "All the answers you gave is telling something about you. What you like, what you dont like. Where you spend more time, Where you drag time ......... all these are data. If you put this data into a table or a picture that helps to get information easily, it is data-handling."

"Now stop stop! your ways of tricking me into studies ..... hmmmph" she gets into study mode and takes the book into her hand.

By then the elder who had been listening intermittently, quietly takes a seat on my lap. I get a little tensed. One small reason is good enough for my younger to escape. I hook my eyes on the younger. She was quite. I was surprised that she let the elder enjoy my lap without a counter. 

"Amma, data is any random info, data handling is arranging that info. Then why do we need mean and median?" the elder took my thinking cap on her.

"You see, you are in a class of say 40 students. And each ...... " even before I complete, she responds "Oh ok, to find the average and stuffs." We smile.

By then the younger gets a call on landline from her friend. She walks away. I continue my talk with the elder. After sometime the younger drops back.

"What happened?" the elder asks the younger.

"Nothing. I was on an important call ya." responds the younger. 

"hmmm ...... Ya, I dont get as many important calls as you do." I reply making a data entry in my mind.

Taking the book into her hand, "Amma, can we finish this in next 10 mins?, I need to go."

"Ok, lets do it" ................ and we did it. :)


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