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Learning MATH? … Moti-weight OR Motivate?

Have you ever wondered why Math textbooks are bigger and bulkier than other text books? Have you ever felt like keeping a book aside procrastinating the read, looking at the size of it? Have you ever felt the subject-shaming that happens like the body-shaming? hmmm ...... these little ones make me wear my thinking caps most of the times. I don't know of others; for me, everything and every person has his/her own beauty. What we value or don't; what we carry or don't  - be it the good, bad, hate, love, respect, jealousy, greed..... and so on - basically the 6 enemies (kaama, krodha, lobha, moha, madha, matsara) and the one friend that gets rid of all these (love that comes in different size, shape and form);  describe our nature not the others'. You see, beauty always lies in the eyes of beholder. At the end, the intent is paid off. I am capturing one such beauty that took place last afternoon, 23rd Feb.  Making and baking all her reasons, my younger drops in for her stu

SHE knows to turn up my volume!

Its always a pleasure spending time with kids. They are the best means to help us live in the present. However, let me caution, one can go nuts if one is trying to sit with the kids for their studies. It's over years I have learnt and still learning that the trick is it make them feel it's flowing in their way.  I was with my younger, who is in class 3, helping her understand the concept of "measurement". With a glass in my hand and patience in my mind I was trying to explain her the difference between "volume" and "capacity". The conversation went something like this: Me: Now look at this glass. Say it is half filled with water. (In actual the glass was half filled with the peels of orange I had just eaten for evening snack). Can you tell me what is volume and capacity with respect to that? She: No. You only tell me. Me: See, the total quantity of liquid this glass can hold is capacity. And the water contained in the glass say in this case half