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TajMahal or RamaSetu ?

As I grabbed a glass of water  in one hand this morning, the other logged into WhatsApp to quickly catchup on updates from groups. One thing that caught my attention was a forward from my Engineering class group. One of them had forwarded the below pic:

I had an ear-to-ear smile. I pondered for a few minutes and gave a quick response - 

"If you ask me, one wanted to show off his love and other wanted to protect his love. However there was lack of respect and trust respectively which is base of love.

So if you ask me, either both qualify or both dont. 😊 or we might have to ask Mumtaz or Sita. 😂😂😂

I at times fantasize and wonder what would 'Ramayana' look like if it were written by a female. 😁"

Even after the reply the subject had been running in the background. As they say, to get over it, one needs to get through it. So here I am jotting down the thoughts that waved up my mind. 

Though majority of people in and around me very clearly had and have been taking religious stands when such topics surface, I don't know how and why I was never influenced by it from a religious perspective. Something that I have never been precisely able to figure out. My decisions were/are never religion based. (Yeah..... its a different thing that at times I bend down to religious based decisions just to keep peace around my people.) May be (I am assuming) because, I mingled and grew up with people of different religion at school. I have seen them may be better on a certain aspects. May be I should be thankful that God has always linked me with kind people that I have not seen the darker shades. Whatever be the reasons, I have no regrets. Not that I am not religious. Not that I am not proud of my roots. But that my religion deep down teaches us to respect all other religion(s) and not put others down to uplift mine. Having said that, what caught my background-thought-space was "Which would be the best monument to represent love?" 

As I thought over and over, the only answer that surfaced the waves is interesting! May be it does not abide by the rules for qualification to be the best monument :D but my heart only accepted this to be the possible best over and again - THE HUMAN BODY! I do not want to reason it out here, but rather leave it to the reader to ponder over. For me the human body would be the best monument to represent love, so I better respect it. :) 


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